How I Got Started

Why fireworks?

7/3/20211 min read

When I was around 10 years old, my mom would take my brother and I to the beach for sunset dinners. Just after the sunset, I was surprised by the most amazing three-minute fireworks show I had ever seen. It was loud, bright, beautiful, and it completely mesmerized me. From that moment on, I’ve been obsessed with fireworks displays. I was thrilled to learn that the show happened every week and attending that show became a family affair.

Being there each week allowed me to observe the workers, and in my true curious style, I befriended the people who owned the company that put on the fireworks shows each Friday and around our islands. I somehow convinced them to let me volunteer with clean up and by the time I turned 18, I began officially working for them and they allowed me to design my first show for my high school senior project